Dear Valued Customers,

Hello everyone my name is Kevin and I am the owner/creator of Game and Save, LLC. I have been in business now since 2007, and I would to say thank you for visiting my store and either giving me your business or at least allowing me the opportunity to earn it.

So a little bit about myself and my store. I am 29 years old and I live in Arizona. I am married, own a home, and God willing will be having children of my own soon. I own and operate this store with my brother Brandon who is 34. Like I imagine most of you are, I am also a gamer. I am big into the Resident Evil type games, things with zombies and the end of the world type games. I also love the Call of Duty series, anything Final Fantasy, Zelda, and I play a few online MMO games like Guild Wars 2 and Dark Age of Camelot.

I've always enjoyed selling stuff, and I of course love to game, so I decided a few years back to combine two of my passions and that is how this store came about. Video game stores these days are a dime a dozen. There are many of them out there, from the big corporate conglomerates to little guys like me who are trying to get an honest piece of the pie. I say honest because I feel like the big guys are cheating the average gamer out of money. Perhaps you have gone to a certain video game store like I have at one point or another in your life, and tried to trade in your video game for either cash or store credit, to basically get offered peanuts for it. Meanwhile that same store offering you peanuts is selling that same game used for almost triple the price of what they offered you. You know what store I am talking about.

My main goal for this store is to stop things like that from happening. I can guarantee you here and now that if you are to sell your games/systems etc to us, we are going to pay you more than what that other store is. In addition, our prices on video games, particulary pre-owned ones, almost always beat the prices of our competitors. How did we get our prices lower than them? Well we don't have shareholders, a huge overhead or a thousand stores across the country. We are one family owned store that isn't trying to make a billion dollars a year. We are just trying to make a decent living, and we know that you are as well. And I believe our prices will reflect our sincerity in that.

There are many different things to take advantage of here at Game and Save. As you probably already noticed we aren't just selling the best games and hardware of today, but also all your favorites since 1987. All of our games are cleaned, tested and guaranteed to work or you will receive a full refund. We only sell pre-owned games/systems that are in proper condition. Our rule of thumb is if we wouldn't want to keep it ourselves for our own gaming collection, then it shouldn't be sold to anyone else. You may have noticed that we also have an Ebay store. We have sold over 100,000 games on Ebay and have a current rating of 99.9% positive feedback. We also hold a variety of contests and giveaways to keep you coming back to our store.

I hope you enjoy the store and hope even more that we can win you over as a lifelong customer and support our goal to bring affordable gaming to everyone.


Kevin Boivin, Owner