Introducing the first ever Great Final Fantasy Trivia Contest hosted by Game and Save! One Grand Prize winner from the Behemoth server will win 5 million gil! Here are the details:

When: Friday, August 31, at 9pm EST
Where: Gold Saucer
In-Game Contact: Soldor Dragonslayer
Server: Behemoth
Prize: 5 million gil
How it works: As many people as are able can attend. Simply have to be standing by my character (Soldor Dragonslayer) within range of /say so that you can see the question and I can see your answer. I will ask a question, for example....

Me: "Name 3 of Edgar's tools from Final Fantasy VI (3 snes)
You: Chainsaw, Drill, Auto-crossbow

The first person to /say the correct answer will be invited to a linkshell for the next round. So be sure to have space for one linkshell. The amount of people invited to the linkshell will depend on how many people show up for the contest, but it won't exceed 20, so in the first round there are 20 winners. From there, another series of questions will be asked, but this time you will have to answer correctly in the linkshell chat I provide. Then the number will be trimmed again in half. After that will be the final round where whoever answers X amount of questions first wins. 

Hope to see you all there. Any questions you can contact me on here or in game.