Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
Great doing business with Kevin, I found an item he was selling on Craigslist and he directed me to his site when he heard I might be interested in other games. I even sold a bunch of games back to him. He was very responsive, even through the weekend. He provided a shipping label for me to send him my games and promptly sent me paypal payment. Will definitely check back here when searching (or selling) games.
I saw an ad for a game on FB Marketplace. When I said I was interested I was directed to this site. At first I was skeptical and somewhat annoyed because I just wanted to get the game in person. BUT after I checked out the site and checked out the 'About' page for the site I quickly realized how cool it was. Plus, the game was BRAND NEW and cheaper than anywhere else online and even pre-owned from other gamers. So in the end it was a GREAT deal and a good experience. I'll be shopping here again in the future.
Michael M.
Staff was very helpful in answering questions.

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